Washington City/County Management Association


The primary goal of the Washington City/County Management Association is to increase the knowledge, proficiency, quality and professionalism of local government management by providing education, information, and support services to members and their agencies. WCMA encourages the development of professional relationships and facilitates the exchange of ideas and information among members. WCMA also actively assists the Association of Washington Cities in its programing, legislative efforts, and support role to local government.

Members include managers, administrators, and assistants of municipalities, counties, and other similar government agencies. Persons pursuing the profession of city or county administration, and individuals who have made distinct contributions to the advancement of the field of public administration also are welcome and encouraged to join. Over 250 managers and assistants currently are members of WCMA.

Founded in 1959, WCMA is a non-profit association governed by an eleven member Board nominated and elected by the membership. WCMA is an affiliate of the International City/County Management Association, an organization devoted to enhancing the proficiency of city managers, county managers, and other municipal administrators, and strengthening the quality of an urban government through improved professional management.

Members benefit from the exchange of ideas and information, from enhanced educational opportunities and resources, and from the development of professional relationships with managers with similar interests, challenges, and responsibilities. WCMA enjoys a long standing and close working relationship with the Association of Washington Cities and several other professional associations of local government whose combined efforts to improve the knowledge, quality and efficiency of municipal management are exemplary. 


Adopted February 19, 2021

Creating better communities around the world begins with a commitment to equity and inclusion. WCMA strives to ensure that our members and the overall profession reflects the diversity of the people we serve. We work to mitigate the effects of bias in all areas of local government by developing and promoting programs and initiatives in the areas of service delivery, hiring practices, leadership development, community engagement, and workplace culture.

To fulfill the spirit of this commitment, WCMA works to maintain and enhance public trust and confidence in local government, to achieve equity and social justice, to affirm human dignity, and to improve the quality of life for the individual and the community.

Members of WCMA dedicate themselves to the faithful stewardship of the public trust and embrace the following ideals of management excellence, seeking to:

  1. Provide an environment that ensures the continued existence and effectiveness of representative local government and promotes the understanding that democracy confers privileges and responsibilities on each community member.
  2. Recognize the right of community members to influence decisions that affect their well-being; advocate a forum for meaningful public participation and expression of the political process; and facilitate the clarification of community values and goals.
  3. Take actions to eliminate structural barriers to racial equity in local government policies and practices.
  4. Seek balance in the policy formation process through the integration of the social, cultural, and physical characteristics of the community.
  5. Advocate equitable regulation and service delivery, recognizing that needs and expectations for public services may vary throughout the community.
  6. Affirm the intrinsic value of public service and create an environment that inspires excellence in management and fosters the professional and personal development of all employees.
  7. Seek a balanced life through ongoing professional, intellectual, and emotional growth.
  8. Demonstrate commitment to professional ethics and ideals and support colleagues in upholding these standards.
  9. Take actions to create diverse opportunities in housing, employment, and cultural activity in every community for all people.

Strategic Plan Goals

A. Facilitate Communication and Connections for WCMA Members

B. Support WCMA Membership

C. Grow and Sustain WCMA’s Membership

D. Advance the Profession

E. Ensure WCMA’s Organizational and Financial Health